Aschkan Davarnia

Aschkan holds a Master’s degree from the University of Cologne in Economics and speaks four languages, including Chinese, fluently.

He worked within marketing and advertising across the private and public sector in Germany and China. His main focus has been the execution of marketing campaigns, such as a promotional video for a Chinese travel consultancy that has been shown as part of several Kung Fu shows in the Netherlands.
Wanting to step back from the corporate world and share his experience, Aschkan joined BACA originally as the course leader for HNC Fashion and Art Management course back in 2013 and is currently serving as the Head of the Academy.

He has extensive knowledge of the British education system especially with regard to preparing students for fashion media and management courses at UAL. He is also a certified admission consultant for applications to US undergraduate courses.

As course leader of the Fashion Management and Art Management programme , he focuses on each student’s unique talents, explores suitable university courses and develops their conceptual and visual skills needed for a successful university application. His teaching philosophy involves that students should not be motivated by grades but rather by the quality of developmental feedback given to them to enable them to become self-directed learners. As the Head of Academy at BACA, he is in charge of the course teaching staff, focusing strongly on creative ways to enhance the academic and conceptual learning experience and ensuring that the individual development of students is the focus. Moreover, he oversees the licensing of the BACA programs and acts as the liaison between BACA and the awarding body in the UK.

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About Aschkan Davarnia
Aschkan has a strong analytical ability which he likes to use when playing chess, cards and other strategic games. In order to satisfy his curiosity for other cultures, Aschkan frequently visits other countries and loves to explore China’s provinces.