Frederico Castelbranco

Frederico holds a Bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies from University of Lisbon. Frederico has been teaching professionally since 2011 as well as working on several independent film projects. As a film maker, Fred has completed six short films and served as director and producer of two stage plays. Pursuing a career in the corporate marketing world, he served as the creative director on campaigns in collaboration with La Unión – Organismo Criativo in Brazil.

As a teacher, Frederico has worked from the University level to the private tutoring level in both Europe and China, with an emphasis on humanities subjects, as well as drama and film making. Frederico joined BACA as Visual Communication Teacher in 2022. Frederico believes in an incremental, hands-on approach to teaching where students should learn increasingly complex skills as part of a programme that constantly challenges them to combine their new learning with their previous lesson contents.
His teaching philosophy is to allow students creative freedom with his supervision and feedback, as he believes that mistakes (when properly examined and reflected upon) are a key component of developing an individual creative practice, so that students do not merely follow prescribed paths but are able to innovate in their creative endeavors.
His background in film making centres his practice on storytelling techniques that can be applied across multidisciplinary artistic fields, as well as an emphasis on effective planning and reflection to iterate on a work before and after the moment of actual production.

University of Lisbon


Baca Course
Film and photography teacher at FAD

About Frederico Castelbranco
Frederico enjoys a number of activities that inform his creative practice through unorthodox approaches, such as his expertise in magic as a performing art, having staged productions in China and Europe, as well as a keen interest in literature and interactive media.