Janine Grosche

Janine is a Fashion Designer from Germany and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design with specialization in menswear from École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode, Berlin.

Janine looks back upon 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, 12 of them in Berlin. She has gained professional experience in various different settings, working with independent labels as well as for German and Chinese companies as a fashion designer. Janine is furthermore running the menswear label PATH.
As a practicing designer, Janine has collaborated with various artists from Europe and China for video and film as well as being part of various art installations and performances.

Her label PATH explores and conceptualizes garments in relation to the human body as a hybrid ecosystem, whilst rethinking ways of modifying, enhancing, transforming and supplementing the human body through garments. Starting out mainly with innovative menswear designs, Janine has been expanding into 3D and digital fashion creations, working with software such as CLO3D and Blender, incorporating virtual garment prototyping as part of her ongoing creative process that she naturally applies in her teachings at BACA to equip students with the latest understanding for new media and future fashion trends. Her work has been published on various international platforms such as Hypebeast, Highsnobiety and also magazines such as Italian Vogue.

Janine joined BACA as the Fashion and Textile Pathway leader for FAD in 2017.
Janine’s approach as an educator is to guide students through the challenges of expressing their creative intention, developing their own voice to become more confident, self-reliant and independent in their creative practice and as future fashion designers.
To uncover a student’s full potential, Janine strives for creating an inspirational environment that highly encourages experimentation on the body, finding experimental solutions to draping and innovative pattern cutting, whilst motivating students to take creative risks, bravely taking on challenges and leaving behind their comfort zones.

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Fashion Teacher at FAD

About Janine Grosche
Having learned fashion design from the ground up, Janine sees her body of work as a constant creative and spiritual practice - a journey where she conceptualizes ideas through different forms of media, methods and techniques, often involving rather unconventional approaches.